Facial recognition made its way into the headlines thanks to an app called Clearview AI. CNN was then one of the first outlets to get the app's creator on camera.


Role: Co-Producer, Director of Cinematography,  Studio Designer, Video Editor

Motion Design

I've been working in After Effects for over a decade. For some stories, bringing them to life with graphics offers the most engaging experience.

Role: Producer, Animator

Investigative Journalism

After months of research and interviewing, I unraveled the complicated network of "Supreme" brands propping up around the world.

Role: Producer, Researcher, Video Editor

A CNN exclusive, the investigation we conducted into conspiracy theories targeting Maatje Benassi created real world change. After our story broke,  YouTube removed the conspiracy videos and the Benassi family was offered crisis PR help.

Role: Co-Producer, Video Editor

Virtual Reality

From the virtual walls of prison to California's enduring redwood forests, I've been a part of virtual reality teams at Emblamatic Group, Frontline/PBS, The New York Times Magazine, and CNN to bring viewers into stories that impact our world.

Role: Production Assistant, Video Editor


The tools of which we use to visually communicate are constantly evolving. I'm constantly excited about technology like AR and photogrammetry that can be integrated into interactive storytelling.

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