VR 360° Showcase

In my mind, virtual reality experiences are the future, and that's why I've been sipping caffeine all day long to soak up all the information I can get about VR. These are some of my first test with virtual reality, and after seeing the looks on my friends' faces when I virtually transported them to the Boston Commons and atop Mt. Tammany, I feel like I've been introduced to a whole new world of possibilities through VR. I truly can't wait to see where these innovative techniques take me next.

Hypnagogia (n.) - the state between waking thought and dreaming where dreaming and reality become at times indistinguishable. This is my first attempt at conveying a story through VR 360º video after only a couple of weeks of working in 360º video.

I've also utilized 360º space to create rough concept designs for a public art project proposal as part of one of my classes at Emerson College. I noticed an immense sense of understanding when others were able to experience the project in the proposed location, which is a strong sign that VR has exciting applications for conceptual designing in a variety of industries.

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